Our Services

Pricing for those without a Secure Career Path / Income Stream

No Obligation Preliminary Consultation:

Free.  Usually a week or so is required before I know whether we can help you.  Clients we cannot help are a drain on our resources and impinge on the services we can deliver to others so it is crucial that we only engage with those we feel we can do something for.  Our livelihood is not dependent on this business so we have the luxury of choice.

Subsequent Sessions are priced as:

Maintenance Meetings:  $60

To review your progress with regards to prescriptive behaviours we have recommended. We try to keep these to a minimum as we expect you to engage with the process and demonstrate effort towards reaching a resolution. We can help you, but we cannot ‘push’ you. The therapeutic relationship itself can be experienced as abusive if we are not equally invested in the process.  You end up wasting your money and time, and we loose a little bit of our magic.

Investigation: negotiable

This is an expensive and time-consuming process that very few clients will require.

Major Intervention:  $240

This should be your final encounter with us.  The nature of our treatments means that it may take several weeks if not months for this encounter to ‘settle in’. You need to give the process a chance to be ‘absorbed’.  Ideally, you will not need to return to us as a client, only as a friend.

Prices are low because I believe that too many young people use therapy as a means of financial self-harm.


By any measure my methods should objectively be described as invasive and confrontational, yet nobody has felt impinged upon by me due to the degree of trust that is created before any serious engagement commences.  Due to my highly empathic nature, I need those whose energies I will be engaging with to feel safe and secure – for my own peace of mind.

To minimise any misunderstandings I want to stress from the onset that I will be exercising a great deal of latitude in my interactions with you; you are signing up for an intervention.  Everything necessary will be done.

Most of what I need to do will be done symbolically.