It’s that time again. Either I’m very sensitive, or everyone else is inured, oblivious or uninitiated.

It feels like a maddening buzz of fluorescence before it thickens into a swarm of dark insects and then coagulates into an ebb of humic matter, veined with copper. Sacred Dirt underneath my Skin. Chthonic Muck. A Primordial Fug. Sullenly Radioactive.

And then, thankfully, The Flow.


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All biological systems are implicated in the metabolisation of emotions. Circulatory, digestive, hormonal, gynaecological, etcetera. Your ‘mind’ is not isolated from your body, and furthermore, neither is it from the bodies of other Beings you (sometimes) choose to bring close to you. Energy must flow freely through you.¬†Displaced emotions block the flow of energy.